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C2B Media Limited focus on bespoke elearning and video production but also provide freelance services in instructional design.

'We’d like a bespoke system that puts us in charge of creating and editing our own question bank. And we want this to directly link with the end of course quiz in the e-learning. And can we also use this to create assessments for our workshop sessions? And we’d like to be able to print out the question papers too. Oh yes, we also want to be able to complete the standalone assessments online sometimes. And can you make this system talk to one of our other databases. Can you do all that?’


Yes we can, and we did!


Whatever your requirements we can build something to meet your needs. This includes databases and more complex applications like RJG Technologies Ltd’s ProOpTM process optimisation tool for the Plastics Industry.

Contact us: +44(0)1909 485373      enquiries@c2bmedia.co.uk